Effect of hot water on healthy hair

Causes dry hair and scalp

Heated water can strip your hair and scalp of dampness and cause dry hair. It won’t just make them look dry and crimped, however it will likewise prompt making your hair more fragile and inclined to breaking.

Can cause breakage

High temp water can make your hair become fragile, and your hair roots to become more vulnerable as a result of the dryness. This can prompt hair fall and breakage, causing a decrease in volume.

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Boiling water can consume your skin or your scalp, cause redness or bothering. Utilizing very high temp water can be unsafe to the skin just as the scalp and hair.

So would it be advisable for you to utilize cold water to wash your hair?

The appropriate response would be no. While utilizing boiling water isn’t suggested in light of the reasons expressed above, utilizing cold water can have its own arrangement of cons for washing your hair. Cold water doesn’t assist with opening the pores, and along these lines makes it hard to clean them well. Another con of utilizing cold water is that it expands the maintenance of water in your hair, which not just purposes your hair to look exceptionally level, without volume but on the other hand is a reason for hair fall.

What is the best temperature of water to use to wash your hair?

It is suggested that one should blend the two temperatures of water to arrive at the best temperature, fit to wash your hair with. Warm water can help open and clean the pores, which is a star of utilizing warm water. One should utilize tepid water to cleanser and flush their hair, and afterward apply conditioner. Conditioner ought to be washed off with cold water, leaving the hair soggy. Cold water additionally assists with fixing the pores and holds soil back from going into them.

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