How to Lighten Skin Using Coconut oil

Does Coconut Oil Lighten Skin?

Wondering if coconut oil lightens skin? The answer is yes. Coconut oil benefits your skin in many ways. It can reduce inflammation, prevent infections and protect your skin from free radical damage. 

Coconut oil is most beneficial for certain skin types. If you have dry skin or normal skin, coconut oil is a great option for you. Due to its vitamin F and lauric acid, coconut oil will help hydrate and protect your skin, locking the moisture in.

To get the most from this natural moisturizer, it is important to use unrefined organic coconut oil. Look for the words virgin or extra virgin on the label. Avoid liquid coconut oil as the liquid oil is formulated for cooking and might be too harsh for your skin.

How to use coconut oil as a night cream.

  1. Rub a tablespoon of coconut oil between your hands resulting in a light smooth liquid.
  2. Rub the oil onto your neck and face. The oil can be used on other dry areas of your body including your chest.
  3. Remove any remaining residue. This can be done with a soft tissue.
  4. Avoid getting the oil in your eyes. It is not harmful, but it will make your vision blurry.
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