How to lose weight without affecting your skin

Losing weight is a momentous feat. However, one thing that many people must deal with is sagging skin. There’s nothing worse than having excess skin as reminders of the weight you’ve left behind. Thankfully, there are ways that you can combat this unsightly mess by simply following a few tips. While it won’t ensure you won’t have any drooping skin, it can help you to prevent a significant problem.

Take It Slow

When most individuals start a weight loss journey, they want to drop the weight quickly. Remember, you didn’t put on all these pounds overnight, and it isn’t going to come off instantly either. The slower you lose the weight, the more your body can adjust to the changes. When you take off massive pounds fast, then it becomes impossible for your body to keep up with such a rapid loss. Not only will your skin sag, but you can lose your hair too. Don’t be in such a hurry. Fighting the battle of the bulge is a journey that will last most of your life.

Quit Harmful Habits

Have you ever seen the skin of someone who has smoked cigarettes for years? Smoking deprives the body of much-needed oxygen, and it has a massive impact on your skin. All the damage comes down to the nicotine found in cigarettes. When it enters your bloodstream, it causes the blood vessels connected to the skin to narrow. When blood flow is impeded, the skin isn’t getting the nutrients and oxygen it needs to thrive. It would be best if you quit smoking as you start your journey toward health. Depriving your skin of oxygen won’t allow it to bounce back from weight loss as its elasticity is impaired.

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Skin Sculpting

There are several weight loss treatments that you can undergo that can help with sagging skin. If you want to get rid of the drooping skin, then there are options. First, you can have surgery to remove the excess skin. However, you should be advised that this is a very invasive operation, and the recovery time is extensive. Many who have had this procedure say it’s worse than any bariatric operation. If you don’t want major surgery, then you can consider something like coolsculpting. Some weight loss treatments work with cold temperatures to break down fat cells without the negative effects on the skin. It’s often called fat freezing, and the results are remarkable. You won’t have to worry about taking time off from work or being laid up in bed for weeks either.

Avoid Fad Diets

Fad diets are all the rage these days. Who wouldn’t be attracted to promises of quick weight loss by eating a certain soup or just cutting bread out of his or her life? However, remember that fad diets don’t work in the long run, and they can be harmful to your body. People can lose hundreds of pounds by cutting out carbohydrates, but they often gain it right back when they end the diet to try to go back to their normal eating habits. All this yo-yo dieting has a dramatic impact on the skin. Remember, losing weight too quickly doesn’t give your body the proper time to adjust. Weight loss is a mathematical equation in which you must have fewer calories coming in than you’re burning every day. Again, slow and steady is the type of weight loss you want to help your skin adjust.

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The Importance of Exercise

You can lose weight without exercise, but if you want the full effects of this healthy journey, you must incorporate proper movement into your life. There are specific workouts designed for toning your body. For instance, if flabby arms are a problem, then weight lifting can help build muscle and make your skin bounce back. Not only is exercise good for your skin, but it also can do amazing things for your heart, mind and overall physique. No matter what the diet you’re on claims, you must exercise.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is essential as it hydrates your skin to reduce sagging. How much water should you drink? Well, the amount you need depends on how much you exercise, the type of diet you’re on and how much you weigh. You may also need to adjust your water intake depending on the climate in which you live. The rule of thumb is that you need 1 quart for every 50 pounds of weight. So if you weigh 200 pounds, then you need to have at least 1 gallon, or 4 quarts, of water each day. If you have any concerns about the amounts, then your doctor can help.

Keep in mind that if you’ve lost major weight, like more than 100 pounds, then sagging skin is going to be unavoidable. Thankfully, there are many things like the ones mentioned above that you can do to keep the sagging to a minimum and enjoy your new physique.

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