How to overcome eczema using Damatol Hair cream

Eczema sometimes is hereditary. Many have eczema because it runs in their blood while many have eczema because they are not taking appreciate care of their body. The worst thing about eczema is that it itches, its visibility is irritating, it is transmittable. No one want to ever have this but we may not still be able to control nature. This post aims at teaching a new way of removing eczema. This may not completely remove it from the blood but it will clear it from the surface of the skin. In my next post, I will write on removing eczema in the blood.

What is Damatol?

Damatol is a hair cream commonly sold in Nigeria. Its effects on application is tremendous. Kudos to the producer. Damatol is sold at affordable price that even the poor can grab one.

How to use Damatol

Simply use sponge on the surface where the eczema is and scrub gently. Then apply Damatol to the spot.

Repeat this for about 3 days, then you will ready to expose your skin.

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