How To Reduce Skin Rashes After Shaving

Make dry and itchy skin a thing of the past. Why suffer when a few simple tips and tricks can prevent this uncomfortable feeling? Learn how to treat your skin after shaving. 

A lot of people experience skin irritation after shaving. You might notice some red bumps and sensitive skin in the area. You might even encounter ingrown hair and razor burn. People have been dealing with skin irritation for as long as they have been shaving. 

Step 1: Cleanse before shaving
Before you begin shaving, use a cleanser to clean the skin and soften the hairs. Softer hairs are shaved more easily and cause less tension and irritation for the skin. Use a mild cleanser so that you don’t irritate the skin before you get your razor out. When you start shaving, be sure to double check you don’t have dull blades as this can cause irritation and will prevent a neat, closer shave. 

Step 2: Try a different way of shaving

A lot of us shave with cream, gel or soap, but all of these can irritate the skin and cause it to dry out. You can try experimenting with different products such as a balm until you find one that is friendlier for your skin. You can also try to shave dry, but that can cause irritation, razor bumps, or razor rash as well if you don’t do it right. Check out our guide on dry shaving. And remember to shave in the direction of hair growth when possible to prevent skin irritation.

Step 3: Use alcohol-free aftershave
Alcohol-based aftershave has been important historically because the alcohol helped prevent infection in any cuts. Although alcohol still has a major influence today, the chances of skin infections are less likely thanks to modern safety razors and rotary shavers. Trial an alcohol-free aftershave – a shaving companion that’s friendly for your skin. 

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Step 4: Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
Every time you shave, you should moisturise the skin after. It doesn’t matter if you’re shaving your facial hair or any other part of your body, moisturising matters. Use an unscented moisturiser for those more sensitive areas, some people swear by baby powders or petroleum jelly to soothe the skin. Prevent redness and stop itching after shaving with a cool compress.  

Step 5: Give your hair a break
Stop shaving for a while. Allow the skin to calm down and any irritations to heal. Let the hair grow. Use oils and moisturisers to help the skin and hair follicles recover and as a method of preventing razor burn in the future. The sooner you let it recover, the sooner you can continue rocking your trendy beard style. 

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